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  1. Be a more visible and accessible committee to the community.

  2. Be more involved with local city committees.

  3. Expand our project visibility beyond South Front Street.

  4. Promote educational programs for the community.

  5. Organize and host an annual Awards program.

  6. Promote historic preservation in the community.

  7. Review and renew fundraisers for the committee each year.

  8. Maximize the committee's relationship with the city of Marquette.

  9. Form a Task Force with the City and NMU to address graffiti and litter issues.


2019 committee chairs


Sue Tollefson

Sue Tollefson
Michelle Cook

Corporate/Friends Fundraiser
Gail Gray & Kay Hiebel

Spring Clean-Up
Gisele Duehring & Shan Marlette

Awards Luncheon
Barb Kelly & Mary Victorson

Garden Conference/Educational Events
Phyllis James

Petunia Pandemonium
Barb Kelly

Garden Tour
Pat Gruber & Phyllis James

Candy Sale
Shan Marlette

Ellie's Garden
Phyllis James, Shan Marlette, Jill LaMere, Connie Mazzuchi

Parking Fundraiser
Lynn Moon
Laurie Kibler

Holiday Party
Emily Lewis

Nominating Committee
 Mary Davis

Simone Vajda & Jill LaMere

Laurie Kibler

Lynn Moon & Dorene Friend

Dorene Friend

West End Garden
Barb Kelly, Claire Twohey, Sue Tollefson, Becky Berube

Graffiti Committee
Barb Kelly, Connie Mazzuchi
Dorene Friend, Sue Tollefson,
Karen Helmila, Susan McPhee



2019 Executive Committee

President     Jill LaMere

V-President     Barb Kelly

Secretary     Dorene Friend

Treasurer     Addie Beauchaine

Corresponding Secry Emily Lewis